The Great Worm Hunters

Homesteading took a back seat this weekend because our out-of-state kiddo’s were coming.  Saturday morning Mark cleaned out the meat-bird chicken house while I finished up the month of May’s book work, including getting the statements out.  Both jobs always feel good to get done!  The weather was so humid it made working outside miserable so we didn’t mind having excuse not to.  For lunch, we headed out on a short little drive to eat a pizza in the town where our son lives.  He has a new baby girl and this is how I ate my pizza:

Home for a Saturday afternoon nap with my hubby and then Jamie and kiddo’s were here.  Toward evening we drove to a neighboring town where a grandson was playing in a baseball game.  Two other families were there also so we had three of the six together.  As the families are getting older and have more hectic schedules, it is harder to have everyone together at the same time but it is nice to catch up with everyone when we can.  I can’t say we saw much of the ballgame with all the catching up, but I did manage to snap one picture of Bryce at bat.

The main entertainment, as always, is watching the cousins play and interact with one another.  Here we have two-year old Miss Brystol, lovingly called Queen-B by her family.  She was extremely upset that Noah had stepped on a beetle and was scolding and scolding and scolding him.  Four year old Noah, the one in the yellow shirt, kept pleading his case that if he hadn’t it might have bit her!  She was not buying it and was really letting him have it.  Three year old Logan, the one looking at Queen-B with his hands on his hips, walked over to the bench right after this picture was taken, grabbed his bag of Cheeto’s, showed them to Brystol and said, “You can have these if you will stop!”  I guess he’d had enough of the dead beetle hysteria!  I mean if you’re willing to give up your Cheeto’s, you know it’s getting serious!

Thank goodness the bleachers are completely covered by a roof because it rained during the entire game.  Why didn’t they call off the game you ask?  During weekend tournament play, they have to stick to the schedule or it doesn’t work, so unless it is a monsoon or lightening is happening, they stick it out.

The rain was actually one of the main reason’s we went to this late night ballgame and were out way past our bedtime!  One of our favorite things to do with the kiddo’s takes place a few blocks from the ballpark,  in a different, dark, isolated park, late at night after rainy days.  What on earth could that be?  Worm-hunting baby!  After a rainy day, the grass in this park is covered with hundreds if not thousands of earthworms like this one!

You’ve got to be fast to catch them because they will shimmy down into the hole they crawled out of faster than you can bend over to grab them.  Out little ones couldn’t catch any at first, but as the night went on they were able to nab a few and were so excited when they did!

 We went home with lots of worms.  Some were going to be re-homed in vegetable gardens, some were going to be used for fishing, but everyone was very proud of their worm-stash!

The clock on my dashboard.  That is 1:30 AM and we still had thirty minutes to drive home!  You have to understand, usually hubby and I are in bed no later than 9:00 and sometimes earlier because we are both early risers.  But it was worth it and we’ve already made plans to go the next time it rains.



Next day, I made waffles for a much later than usual breakfast.

This is my standby recipe for waffles.  I copied it as it was given to me, but I ignore the 1 1/2 egg whites and yolks.  Don’t know how you’d ever accomplish that and I use 2 egg whites and 2 egg yolks and they are very good!

After breakfast we decided to hunt for a few geocache’s that had been placed around our tiny town.  If you don’t know what that is visit    We found two, but the other ones required us to walk through vegetation and since my daughter and I are both extremely allergic to poison ivy, we did not go after them.  But it was not a wasted walk as we found a ripe and loaded Mulberry tree on the way!

It was time to call it a day so we headed back to the house.  After everything was packed and loaded in their car, we got lots of goodbye kisses and off our weekend visitors went.

After Granny recouped from all the excitement, Mark and I ended the weekend the way we almost always end our summer evenings, with a ride in our old C-5 Jeep.  We usually have no particular place to go, we just drive around on country roads and take in the sights, which are gorgeous.  We live around some beautiful scenery if you just take the time to get off the beaten path.  Tonight we were blessed with a beautiful reminder of God’s promises.

After we got home, we made our every-evening pass through all the critters, separating the momma goats from the babies so we could milk in the morning, refilling everyone’s water, gathering the eggs and making welfare checks on everyone.  We discovered the turkey who had been sitting on her eggs in the middle of the tarragon in my herb garden had been successful and was surrounded by little chirping balls of fluff.  We like to let our animals live as close to a natural life as possible, but when it comes to the poultry raising their young, we have to intervene or we would lose them all to our barn cats.  Our cats are amazing hunters and very valuable as we can keep grain out in the open with never a sign of a mouse, but they like to hunt and eat little chicks also, so if we want to keep any of the newly hatched chicks, we must gather them up and put them in a safe place.  So we grabbed Mom and took her to a pen and quickly grabbed all nine of the babies and took them to Mom.  Here is the new little family getting settled in their safe, temporary home.

So I guess we got a little Homesteading in!  See ya next weekend!