Building and Baseball

Last Friday morning, in all of his spur of the moment adorableness, Mark announced he was going to add sides to the car-port we store hay under and did I want to go with him to get the supplies?  I said sure and off we went.  A trip to Menard’s and $600 later we headed home.  The next morning our son came bright and early to help.

By the end of the day, one side was pretty much done.  And just like that we have more area to store bales &/or keep critters dry!

Next morning, Mark got started on the other side.

He was on his own that day,  I left and spent the day at two of the grandsons baseball tournament.  Here is one of them pitching:

And the other one running into home!  Happy to report they went all the way and came home with the Championship!

My daughter even got a medal in recognition of her hard work every-weekend as a traveling baseball Mama and coaches wife!