Gotta Make Hay When the Sun’s Shining

We were out of the house on Saturday morning before the sun was up.  We had sorted the fat lambs and the young male goats the night before because we wanted to get them loaded and on the road to the sales barn.  The closest goat/sheep sale to us is almost a two hour drive.  We wanted to get there early so we would get back home early.  I absolutely hate sale days (read why here: Why I Hate Sales Day) but nevertheless it is something we have to do, so here’s the pickup backed up to the building we run them through to load them.

We were at the Sales Barn, backed up and ready to unload at 7:15. The reason we wanted to be there as early as we could was to get them unloaded and headed back home so Mark could bale the windrows of wheat straw behind his cousin’s combine.  So immediately after getting home, away he went!Not long at all and he called me to tell me he was ready for me, go get the grandson’s and he would meet us at the field with the hay buggy.  So out the door I went and soon I was driving the hay buggy and Brett and Kyson were stacking golden bales on the back.  I wish I could have taken more pictures of that but it’s a little tough to take pictures when you are actively participating in what it is you want pictures of!  I thought I better concentrate on being a good driver, not missing any bales and not throwing either one of them off the back!  We soon had it full.It was WAY too hot to unload the bales into the bin we store them in so we went and got the truck, the trailer and the hay bale elevator and headed back to the field.  Kyson had to leave to be at his job at 3:00 (darn responsible teenagers!) so it was only Bret, Grandma and Grandpa for this load.  I did manage to get one picture of Grandpa and Bret loading bales.  This was when I had to stop because I hit the bale wrong with the elevator and Bret had to get off and straighten it up for me.  That’s the only time it happened and Hey, at least I was able to snap a picture while I was stopped!When the truck was just half loaded we had all the bales picked up so I climbed on the tractor with Mark while he baled the remaining windrows.


Four more windrows and we had the trailer full and under shelter in case it rained.  Not a bad days work in 103 degree weather, but because of the chance of rain, we sucked it up and got-r-done.  And wouldn’t you know it, it didn’t rain.  Sizzled out before it got here!We took Bret out for some much deserved pizza in town because it’s a little tough to cook and help in the hay field both.  When we came out, we had someone who thought our pickup looked mighty comfy!Or maybe he was just hoping for some lovin’Next morning a cool front had come through and it was 61 degrees and no humidity!   I had been hatching a batch of eggs for my daughter and the ones that hatched early needed to be taken to their first home with water and food.  As cool as it was, they would need a heat lamp so we hooked one up and got them all settled in.

It felt so good outside we tackled a much hated but needed job.  Cleaning the mucky old bedding out of two buildings and cleaning up some pens.

Look at that floor shine!The rest of the day was spent bringing the equipment home from the field and catching up on some much needed rest.  Ahhhh!  Life is good!