K-C Cafe

Our weekend started out with eating at an amazing cafe called the K-C Cafe.  It had wonderful food and the most attentive, adorable staff ever!  Here was our menu:

The wait staff and chef just happened to be our grandchildren, imagine that!  And all of their names start with K or C, hence the name of the cafe.  Here they are taking the orders of their other Grandma and Grandpa and their Aunt and little cousin.

Here comes our drinks!

The Orders were passed on to the chef and he proceeded to dish up the goods!

And Dinner is served!

And let me tell ya, it was DELICIOUS!

I highly recommend this cafe to anyone!  However since it was on this summer’s bucket list and now it’s crossed off, we may have to wait awhile before it is opened again.  I know the anticipation will be worth the wait!