Those Last 40 Acres!

I am down to my last nerve!  I am at the end of my rope!  I know I’m at the end of that proverbial rope because I can feel the end knots tugging at my insides!  We are nearing the 3rd week of working on the kitchen.  Next Monday will be the beginning of the 4th week.  Our goal is to have most of the work done and it being a functioning kitchen by Sunday night.  Then it will just be a matter of waiting on the ordered cabinet tops and sink to get here.  In the meantime we will place the old cabinet tops on top of the redone and repainted cabinets and hook up the old sink so I can cook and wash dishes and put all the stuff back in the cabinets. We will probably have trim work to do yet also, but that can be finished on the weekends or a little each evening.  If we really can be at that point by Sunday night, it will be amazing come Monday morning!  Mark and I both have done an outstanding job of not letting the mess get to us.  We haven’t got grumpy with each other, even when I change my mind and he has to do something over that he just did.  He knows it’s part of the process and I am ever so grateful for that!  But these last “forty acres” are starting to get me down!

Mark and I used to farm 1700 acres of land.  I helped with the farming because he also ran a full-time welding repair business to help ends meet.  Days were spent on a tractor with at least one baby and usually two asleep around my feet or behind the seat on a bed Mark had made for them.  It was what our summers consisted of and for the most part, neither one of us minded it too bad and enjoyed whatever we were doing, at first.  But when we were close to the end, for both he and I, we started getting antsy and beyond ready to get done!  It didn’t matter if we were, swathing, baling,  discing, plowing, cultivating, planting or harvesting, when we got to the last few acres on a field, the time just dragged.  We felt like we were never going to get done!!!  We always complained to each other how hard those last 40 acres were to get through.  We just wanted to be done and home!  The last two hours felt like an eternity!

In the years since we quit large-scale farming, we still use that saying, on the last leg of a trip, the last afternoon of a long drawn-out job in the shop or a long week of book work.  And let me tell ya, I am definitely feeling “the last 40 acres” right now in this kitchen remodeling.  It feels like we are never going to get done!  I just carried a bucket full of dishes out to the milk barn to wash.  We ate summer sausage, cheese and crackers for dinner again, I washed paint brushes for the 974th time this week………….!  (I guess I should have drank a little “whine” with my cheese huh?) I know we will get done, I know each day we are closer and I know it will be worth it!  Here’s a few pictures of our progress.  Please try to ignore the mess.  We are the messiest workers known to mankind and I’m sure that adds to our “last 40 acres” feeling.

Another thing that added to the despair of never getting done, we realized our can of paint wasn’t going to be enough so we traveled the 80 miles to where we had gotten the first can to get another one along with some other needed supplies.  Once home we thought all was well till we hung one of the doors painted with the second can next to the ones painted with the first.  Close, but not close enough!  So another coat of paint on what we thought was already done.  No biggie Right?!?

 Mark spent today putting drawer glides on my cabinets and installing pull-outs in my bottom shelves.  I am super excited about them.  The thought of being able to see what is at the back of my cabinets and being able to get to it without being on my hands and knees and stretching to try and reach it is wonderful!  They were totally his idea.  I think he thinks his woman is getting old and tries to think of ways to make life easier on her.  What a sweetheart!

I spent the day giving the utility room cabinets their second coat of paint.  I do LOVE the color!  

Update for today done.  I’ll give another update hopefully Sunday night but I think Monday night is more realistic.  No matter what, each swipe of the brush, tap of the hammer and turning of the screwdriver gets us that  much closer and before long we will get those dang last 40-acres done and be able to park the tractor!  That’s what I keep telling myself anyway!