My New Country Kitchen Is Finally Done!

We did it!  The very last, tiny detail of our kitchen was done this morning.  We lived through an almost 3-month Kitchen redo without a divorce, amazingly we never even had a cross word, I never cried, we made no major mistakes and I honestly would not do a single thing differently.  That is the nice thing about doing the work ourselves, it was so slow-going it allowed me plenty of time to think, look and change my mind.  I’m ready to show pictures and brag on my husband’s ingenuity just a bit.

I am horrible at taking “before” pictures.  I usually never think about it until it is too late.  I did manage to snap a few just as we were getting started and in the middle of the demolition part.

Suffice to say it was a mess!  I’m just thankful my husband and my son Kyle love me enough to do that much work for me!  The total disaster part – no cabinets, no sink to wash dishes in, no clue where anything is, lasted about three – four weeks.  Then I slowly got back one thing, then another, then another until I was at least able to cook some, wash the dishes and get most of the mess out of the other rooms.  Slowly it started looking more and more like I had dreamed it would.  Here is my wonderful new country kitchen.  It isn’t what many would call a fancy, dream kitchen, but it is absolutely perfect to me!


What we did was replace the old painted paneling with wallboard, painted the walls and cabinets a sage green, replaced the cabinet tops and sink, tore out the walls above the cabinets to make it open-topped, tiled between and above the cabinets, enlarged the door going into the utility room, built a new “barn” door, built, stained and installed shutters for the window between the kitchen and the living room and replaced the linoleum floor with vinyl planks that look like old wood.  Then Mark did all sorts of little extra’s for me like install door slides under the drawers (not an easy task in existing drawers) and installed lights under the cabinets.

Something I would have never thought of was these cabinet inserts that Mark worked and worked to get to fit in my built-in-the-1950’s cabinets.  I believe they may be my favorite part of the whole project!  It makes the cabinets so much more user-friendly and I think it doubled the space in them.  I am able to keep all of the appliances off my cabinet tops but yet they are still super-easy to get to when I want them.  And, no more getting down on hands and knees to try and find something at the very back of the bottom cabinets.  At my age that is HUGE!

And what was that last tiny detail we finished this morning?  Well, some wall-words of course!


I think my “Rooster” would tell you we might deliver the goods but we can also be a royal pain in the you-know-what at times!  I really can’t disagree with him on that point!

And there you have it!  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing my simple country kitchen.  I know I’m going to enjoy using it!