Stocking the Freezer

This weekend started with us being out the door by 5:00 AM to take advantage of the cool morning air to do one of my least favorite farm chores, processing chickens and rabbits.  Here is one of my husbands little “make-overs” that we really love.  He took an old yard wagon, put sides and a lid on it and that is how we transport the chickens to where we do the actual job.  It is fairly easy to pull by hand, but it can also be hooked to the ball on the back of the pickup, which is what we chose to do this early in the morning before our muscles were all woke up!

Mark got a good deal on “reefers,” the refrigerated boxes that semi’s deliver cold and frozen products with.  One he made into my milk room, this one he made into our poultry processing center.

Four hours later from beginning to end, he and I had 27 chickens and eight rabbits to add to the freezer.

You can substitute rabbit for any chicken recipe, but the two ways I like most to cook it is smoke it or fry it.  Every  now and then when I feel like something different, I will fry one for breakfast.

The only other thing we accomplished this weekend was picking, pitting and freezing cherries from our cherry tree, which is no small feat.  It is very time consuming getting all those little red, round, tart things off the tree, the pits out of them, packaged and into a freezer, but it is very worth it to me.  I don’t consider a cherry pie to be a cherry pie unless they start with cherries like these.  There is no comparison to one made with store-bought cherry pie filling and one made with these!

This is the start of something good, something fantastic, something divine!  I’m not the prettiest pie maker that’s for sure, but I know I won’t hear any complaints about how they taste!